College Hill Doctors Ltd

Service List

We provide all aspects of primary healthcare including


· Travel vaccinations—Have you scheduled a visit? Ideally make an appointment for a clinic visit 4 to 6 week before your trip. Most vaccines take time to become effective in your body and some vaccines must be given in a series over a period of weeks or some times months.

· Reproductive and sexual health e.g. Breast screening / 乳房檢查,   cervical smears. and  contraception (including IUCD).

· 1st Antenatal assessment/ referral to Hospital or Midwife.

· ACC / 意外傷害 work/ sports injuries.

· Minor surgery

· Child health including childhood immunizations / 幼兒預防注射.

· Routine wellness checks

· Diving/ employment / insurance medicals

· Acute and chronic skin conditions

· Appropriate referrals to other health professionals/ Specialists.

· Afterhours—in a medical emergency dial 111 to get an ambulance. Alternatively you may wish to attend one of the Whitercross Afterhours clinics. For other urgent medical matters you can speak to an afterhours triage nurse on 09 3608008.




46 College Hill,


Auckland 1011

Phone: 09 3608008

Fax:     09 3608048